I am Ixi,

Emotional Intelligence Coach for Women, traveller, creator, tireless optimistic which won’t stop until Emotional Intelligence is internalised in our society.  

I hope that my work inspires and invites positive change. I am aware that the healthies and long

I hope that my work inspires and invites change but I think that the healthiest transformations are achieved incrementally, and by learning to find joy in the process rather than the result and that is the base of my work. I believe big achievements are the sum of small, well taken steps.

My SatisfACTION Story 

Showing Promise...

I was raised surrounded by cameras, and so the idea of creating new realities has always fascinated me. My family works in the fiction industry, and it seemed like I was going to follow in their footsteps... 

I had it so clear... 

I knew I wanted to create fiction, so at only 17, I directed my first short-movie called ELA. With it, I aimed to raise awareness about the illness Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. By then, my mission was already being seeded: To relieve suffering and enjoy life and time. As soon as I could, I started a Film and Drama Degree in 3 different countries: Spain, USA and UK. 

Anxiety: My friend or my enemy? 

Due to what life throws at us, in my teens I got to know my anxiety very closely, to the point that it became chronic! 
Thanks to it though, I went to therapy for the first time with a wonderful psychologist in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy and I fell in love with psychology. 

Transition of worlds...

While I was starting my acting career, I realised that two of my theatre directors were also Coaches. Getting to know Tamzin Townsend (above) was an amazing gift, and thanks to her I discover a new world... A new passion: Coaching. 

Crisis: To live or to die, that is the question. 

Deciding what to do with my life coincided with the 2008 recession. I jumped on the metro every morning and I used to search for smiles, and there were none. I decided to take my first action, by creating my first blog: 'Interrupting Routines, my idea was to convey positive energy and bring some joy into the many monotonous routines that I was surrounded by! 

Live Waiting vs. Live Enjoying

While saying goodbye after a family party my aunt told me:'When can we organise the next party? I get so desperate waiting!' This simple comment had a huge effect on me. I realised how many people around me were living waiting for the next holiday or for some kind of future happiness.... I didn't want to believe that that was all that life had to offer.

Travel to Open Your Mind and Create ... 

Still convinced that fighting against anxiety would lead me to a solution (How mistaken I was!) and disenchanted because of the generalised desillution of people, I started to travel. Step by step, I first went to England where I met my partner, and from there, I moved to America to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe University of Art and Design changed my life and became my new home.

Graduate! And? Let's keep learning... 

I graduated with a first honours degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, in less than 4 years I passed from barely being able to say 'hello' to getting an English Degree... Our capacity for learning never ceases to surprise me, and just as we can learn new skills, I believe we can also learn Emotional Intelligence. I am an endless learner, naturally prone to self-taught education! 

Emotional Intelligence and Therapeutic Theatre 

In my university Thesis I introduced the idea of combining Therapeutic Theatre (Forum Theatre) and Emotional Intelligence.I realised how powerful these two disciplines could be when bought together. I was inspired by the company Cardboard Citizens (London) and later on I worked on a project about depression for the Australian Theatre Company Milk Crate. I use many of the theatre techniques that helped me develop this thesis in my current coaching practice. 

The Happiness Bubble: Australia

I moved to Australia. Living in Bronte (Sydney), where practicing yoga is as routine as breathing, nutrition is a priority and coaching and consciousness are integrated into daily life, it was a real gift for me. In Australia I discovered a different way of living, and I don't know how to express with words how grateful I feel for all that I learnt there. I met so many inspirational people, like Damon Gameau (above) Director of That Sugar Film, in a wonderful event of the Conscious Club of Sydney. 

The Big Anxiety Festival, Sydney. 

In Bronte, SatisfACTION was born. Inspired by the energy of that place, I felt my call to start spreading Emotional Intelligence... The program succeeded in Australia and I ended up hosting a workshop for the (WONDERFUL) Big Anxiety Festival of Sydney. Step by step, dream by dream... 

Coming back home with a 'piece of bread' in my arms ... 

After a year I came back to Spain and I launched SatisfACTION here. More than 40 women completed the program in the first 4 months! I also started Satisfaction Events (for Naked Concept, Pepsi... ) and in Manchester and London collaborating with CS Life Holistics... I can say that I adore Mondays as much as Saturdays and I believe from the bottom of my heart that we can all get to that state of satisfaction!

A social reflection, from heart to heart… 


I truly admire Brené Brown’s work, I believe from the bottom of my heart in the power of vulnerability, and in the importance that exposing ourselves as we are, have, that is why I share my story with you… and I would love to list yours! Vulnerability helps us bond!