As women, we naturally strive to improve ourselves, and when we decide to act, our focus often turns to ‘bad, enjoyable behaviour’: “I will waste less time” “I will cut out junk food” “I will reduce my spending” “I will lose weight”



This carries the danger of transforming what could be a joyous experience into an ordeal devoid of pleasure. Without daily things to look forward to, motivation can be eroded until it is reduced to the intangible ‘end result’.


We become disheartened and give up! The process of achieving goals is driven by shame ‘You should be perfect’ rather than by self-care and acceptance ‘You are already enough. You are on the right track to become a better version of yourself’.


Use Emotional Intelligence to alter our approach to aspirations and self improvement, so that we can transform our journeys into a source of motivation, rather than a means to an end.


I started Satisfaction with little or almost unexistent hope that it would work for me or that it would make me feel better, but I soon connected with Ixi and the other girls and suddenly I felt at home.

Aside from this program, I have tried other methods to feel better, such as attending psychological therapy, etc. but I have to say, and this is something I told many people already: I have felt that I have progressed at light speed with Satisfaction! Much faster than with any other therapy and I believe that is, in part, because Ixi hasn’t given us only theoretical tools, but also practical ones so we could improve our self-awareness and feel better! I especially remember the session Ixi introduced ‘The chimp’, or the ‘hot seat’ or the ‘pity parties’ (at the end I only needed a ‘pity party’ fortunately ;)) Small tools, tips, resources that are practical and useful! So I can only thank Ixi for this program that has been a gift! And congratulations to her for her communication skills, dedication, and patience that she has had with us, and for the content of the sessions of course… thank you!


Sara del Egido Clinical Trainer
I started the Satisfaction program thanks to a friend of mine who encouraged me to participate, I was a little bit lazy at the start! However, in the end, I thanked my friend for encouraging me to discover the course. Thanks to her, I have enjoyed an 8 weeks journey in which we have learnt much more about ourselves, by looking inside and through the mirror that all the other participants were. Each session was enriching, as we were discovering and learning that small actions and gestures are what allow us to be happier every day.
In a time where everything is measured in big dimensions and big achievements, we have forgotten about details, we don’t appreciate the small things in life. The small actions and goals are the ones that help us become more satisfied and happier. It is all about the journey, not the final destination.
That is what Ixi, with her great communication skills and enthusiasm, has helped us discover. This as many other things, but if I tell you all… the program would lose its magic! As I am a person who always lives with goals and deadlines in mind because of my work… This course has helped me to become aware of the path and not only the end result. Ixi didn’t give us a script or summary of the course content on the first day, and that allowed me to go with the flow during the journey without thinking too much of the end, so I was able to focus on discovering what each session could bring and teach me!
I have experienced the 8 weeks with so much enthusiasm, and couldn’t wait for the next session…
As I thanked my friend for encouraging me to participate in Satisfaction, I thank Ixi for creating such a beautiful program.
Beatriz Hernández Engineer Consultor

During her sessions, Ixi makes you stop for a second and go away from our frenetic society in order to discover, through her teachings, that much of what we tell ourselves and what we believe about ourselves lacks strong foundations. Ixi Invites us to hug reality and to change our own reality to cover our needs. She has answers for everything, an immense knowledge in the area of psychology. Influenced by inspiring practitioners, she helps you and asks you questions that will take you straight to your deepest answers.

We are not always able to move forward without support, and family and friends are not always enough. Ixi is a close expert and wise woman who is excited to help you improve. Thanks ixi for your light.

Marina Fagil Sales Account Representative

We all have at least a goal, challenge or desire but in most cases, due to routine, laziness, fear or lack of confidence, we don’t even try to go for it. With Ixi, not only you try to go for your goals but you also achieve them enjoying the process from the very first session of her excellent program: SatisfACTION. She guides you with so much love and passion, providing you with skills so you can go for your goals with enthusiasm through easy daily actions that would change your life.

My goal was to quit smoking! Hard yes, but not impossible if you become aware of your strengths, that Ixi helps you discovering! She guides you to change your toxic habits and substitute them for more satisfying ones without even realising it! From there, anything is possible if you are in Ixi’s hands, my favourite coach! My success is shared with her!

I take with me the memory of my chimp, Ixi in my heart, wishing you and all of the women of the group success and happiness. Thanks so much!

Carmen Pérez Judge

The Satisfaction program has helped me creating good habits and incorporating them into my routine. It has also made me realise that my comfort zone does not always provide me with pleasure and in fact, sometimes in my life, it leads me to dissatisfaction! Thanks to the program I have got to know myself in depth and discover my strengths so I can use them as tools! Thanks Ixi for such a magnificent experience!


Susana Bolos Business Woman

Attending to the Satisfaction Sessions have been a unique and unforgettable experience for me! I have learnt to face my fears, to manage my emotions, and above all, I have got to know myself better. You leave each session with Ixi full of energy and positivity to face the challenges of everyday life, as she is able to provide you with amazing tools to do so!


Mª José Cabezas Court Clerk

Yesterday very sadly we finished the SatisfACTION program. I would happily repeat it all over again. How much wisdom Ixi has, how much peace transmits and how much we have learnt! How many things we would do better in our lives, in our minds and in our relationships if we were taught all of these in our childhood! Fortunately, we have found Ixi so she can teach it to us now, at this stage of our lives, it is never too late! It has been a wonderful learning experience. Thank you so much Ixi for your dedication.

Mª Ángeles Estévez Lawyer

Ixi is a magnificent coach. During the sessions she makes you reflect deeply on your abilities and strengths. She empowers people and gets them to achieve extraordinary things. I recommend these sessions to every single woman who wants to improve her life and make it happier.


Juana Erice Coach & Speaker - CEO at Juana Erice Consulting

Working with Ixi has helped me to understand that the tools you need to become who you want are already within yourself! In my case, I was lacking self-confidence, so I was scared to share and contribute with my opinions, especially in my work environment! However, after taking the program, not only I see improvements I am making in my daily life, but also I have dared to start a new professional and personal project where I am going to face lots of my fears. I know it is going to take courage and effort (And I am scared!) but now I feel strong and able to go for it and try my best to achieve my goals!



Paula Paramio Producer

As a wholistic Naturopath and fitness trainer, I value wellness in all aspects of life including deep and authentic connections with others and feeling happy with my day to day existence. Ixi is my emotional intelligence coach and dear friend. She has taught me self-awareness and invaluable communication skills. I have a balanced life incorporating many things Ixi teaches her clients including making room for the things I’m passionate about daily, dreaming big and mindfulness practices. However, there was one aspect of my life I needed help with and that was romantic relationships. I was blind to the patterns and the way I was communicating with men in my life which kept producing the same unsatisfying experiences and outcomes. Ixi guided me to look at situations with fresh eyes coming from a place of self-love, which helped me to see how ineffective my communication was in the past. Her coaching style made me feel empowered and no longer like a victim. She has a way of guiding you to your own conclusions and provides such powerful tools and easy to understand solutions. When Ixi coaches she does it from the heart, it’s so lovely to be in her presence. She is such an extraordinary woman and I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has made on my life.

Sarah Valastro Wholistic Naturopath, fitness trainer and life lover.

Ixi has a fantastic way to bring you closer to who you are better than anybody else I met. She has an impressive personality with heaps of charm. A very caring and comforting teacher and a woman full of knowledge that is needed to be listened to! I can warmly recommend this course to everybody who wants to be strong and beautiful, stay free, strengthen their knowledge in personal development and make and reach short and longterm goals! I learned to see things from another side, how to listen to myself, what emotional intelligence means for me personally, and how to find my goals and realize them!

Theresa Brümmer Nurse, traveller and tattoo lover

Working with Ixi and the other ladies in the group has been a real fulfilling pleasure. I have learned so much from Ixi on Emotional Intelligence; particularly how to be more aware of my actions. Ixi is incredibly knowledgeable in this area and has such a kind heart!

Katie Gilchrist Senior Consultant Searching For Her Best Self

I only wish I had taken this course with Ixi before. I feel I’ve grown up so much in such a short period of time. I find myself now with a new perspective on how we experience life and interact with others. I’ve learnt to understand and love myself. I’m thankful for Ixi’s support and how she creates a space that feels like home in every session.

Carla Pérez Foodie, Dance Lover and Trade Advisor



Learn to recognise and accept your feelings, be conscious of your inner dialogue and develop shame and guilt resilience. Accurately assess yourself, and discover what your real passions and purpose in life are. Pay attention to your attention and learn to observe your decision making process.





Having become aware of your self, learn how to lead your cognition and emotions from a place of worthiness and self love. Become motivated through love instead of fear, and improve your time management skills in order to prioritise your passions. Learn how to manage your behaviour by acting as you want to feel, and start focusing on current goals, not future results.


Learn about the different kinds of empathy and develop your empathetic skills. Be aware of the different environments you reside in (Family, work, friends, clubs) and how you feel about your statuses. Start listening from within to articulate your truth and vision to the world in a way that energises others. Change your perception of change, and learn to set clear expectations and boundaries.



Gain Non-Violent Communication skills to manage your relationships and conflicts. Practice vulnerability and encouragement. Develop Failure and Frustration Resilience. Incorporate Feedback into your daily experience (Give and receive). Use feedback to focus your mind on possibilities so you can inspire individuals and groups. Learn how to support individuals and create synergy within groups.

Playfulness Through Theatre Games

I imagine a few of you who are reading this are familiar with Emotional Intelligence and its principles. What you may not have experienced before are Theatre Games! Theatre Games are training practices used by actors to improve their performance on stage. They have a rich history and have been developed over the years into the powerful and versatile tools they are today.


As a Professional Theatre Practitioner, I use them in my sessions, as I find them to be an insightful and unique way of exploring the many theories of Emotional Intelligence! And don’t worry, Theatre Games do not involve acting! This is not about performing, this is about playing! I believe Satisfaction and theatre have something in common: The more you play, the more you get out of them!


Group Workshops

Get to know yourself and up to 8 other wonderful, likeminded women during this 16 hour program (4 hours per topic). Learn, share, interact and be invigorated as we explore our potential in a safe space. It’s your chance to rehearse life in sessions packed with discussion, support, coaching, and the ace up my sleeve; theatre games.


One On One Sessions

Focus on you in a more flexible and intimate format. The Online Satisfaction program can be adapted and customised to your requirements, allowing us to go deeper into topics that you want to build on. It doesn’t matter where you are, I can be there to guide you.

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